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Topmarks is an ideal place to target education professionals.

We established in 1998 with the aim of making it easy for teachers to find the best educational resources on the web. Our editorial independence has built Topmarks into a reliable brand that our users and advertisers can trust.

4 million

page views per month


unique vistors per month

Traffic is highest during school terms, our peak traffic occurring between October and May each year.

Flexible Targeting

Our flexible advertising technology allows you to run targeted or 'run of site' campaigns. You may target users by their country, as well as specific pages, subjects and age groups. We track advertisement impressions and click-through data and provide you with feedback.

We're happy to help advise and customise your campaign depending on your requirements and budget.

Booking your Advertising

We sell ads on a CPM basis, i.e. per thousand impressions. We have a minimum order value of £250 GBP. We recommend that you book your campaign well in advance, due to high demand particularly during term time.

Please email us for availability and rates, or for any other queries.

Ad Specifications

All advertising must be suitable for family audiences, so we need to approve the ads and assess the suitability of the advertiser's web site and services offered.

We offer three sizes of adverts:

  1. Leaderboards [728 x 90px] - Located at the top of pages.
  2. Mid Page Units (MPUs) [300 x 250px] - Located in sidebars.
  3. Skyscrapers [160 x 600px] - Located in sidebars.

We support gif, jpg or png images and swf files, up to 50KB in size. The ad unit must be clearly distinguishable from the normal content on Topmarks, i.e. it must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content.

Notes on Flash Adverts:

  1. If you provide a Flash advert, it is best practice to provide a standard image file as well, to display when users' browsers do not support Flash.
  2. If you want us to track clicks on Flash ads, please implement a "clickTAG", such that we can specify a click through tracking URL. Learn more about clickTAGs.

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