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Fruit Splat - Compare Equations

Compare the addition, subtraction and multiplication equations by using the greater than, less than or equals to signs. Use either the timed or untimed mode.

7-9 year olds
Map Skills

This six-lesson unit on map skills designed so that one lesson will be taught in each year group from years one to six.

5-11 year olds
Words for Life

Words for Life’s aim is to inspire more people to read, more regularly, for both pleasure and personal advancement. Useful booklists especially chosen to appeal to less confident readers. Free resources matched to books.

3-11 year olds
Encyclopedia of the First World War

A comprehensive site on the Great War which includes biographies of the main personalities involved, details of the soldiers and their lives in the trenches, war statistics, the home front and much more.

Teachers, Pupils
14-16 year olds
5 Fat Sausages

This is a one less action rhyme which can be played to accompany the song. Alternatively the game can be played with 10 sausages. It could be used to predict subtraction to 10 when children are learning number bonds to 10.

Pupils, Parents
3-6 year olds
Bottle Take Away

This site is based on the 10 green bottles rhyme, however you can display up to 21 bottles. It is excellent for children who are working on counting backwards and in particular 'one less' than a particular number.

4-5 year olds
Ten Frame - 1 to 20

A simple ten frame manipulative which shows either one or two ten frames and counters. You can display either horizontal or vertical ten frames.

Teachers, Pupils
4-7 year olds
Wonderful Words, Creative Stories Beach Theme

An animated game where you can see how to add adjectives to make boring sentences into more interesting ones.

7-9 year olds
Place Value Basketball

Place Value Basketball is a fun, base ten blocks game which helps children aged 5 to 8 to know what each digit in a either a two or three digit number represents.

Teachers, Pupils
5-8 year olds
Blast Off

Blast Off is a mental maths game for 5 to 8 year olds which can help you to know your two digit numbers and help with addition and subtraction skills. It covers different vocabulary such as more than, less than, count on and count back.

5-8 year olds
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