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Gordon's Multi-buy Shop

Use your division and multiplication skills to work out how much single items cost in various sized multi packs. Good for starter or plenary activities.

Going Shopping Problem Solving

Shopping activities which will get your brain working! You have to decide which items to buy for your money.

Pay using 1 coin

A shopping game using single value coins.

Cashing In

Choose coins to make specific sums of money. Amounts range from working within 10p to working within £2.

Till We Meet Again

Practise giving change in the shop for items costing from 20p to £10. Either calculate the change yourself on the 'Shopkeeper Method' option or use 'Price and Change' which shows how much change to give.

How Much Left?

Lots and lots of money problems here where you need to work out change from amounts from 10p up to £1.00. It is good for starter or plenary activities.

Check-Out Challenge

Mental maths money problems involving change.

Money Two-Step Problems

Two-step word problems involving money. Calculate how much change is given when 2 or more items are purchased.

Dartboard - Rounding

Use an image of a dartboard to reinforce rounding skills to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 or whole number when using decimals. Either choose to reveal the answers or input answers. Includes rounding pounds, metres and kilograms.

Price Lists

Money activities where children decide what they want to buy and work out the total cost. The items are displayed in a sum and also a bill.

Pizza Fractions

A teaching resource which is useful for finding fractions of amounts of UK money.