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Literacy - Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds)

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Grammar and Spelling

What are Nouns? Flash

A great site for covering what nouns are and how they should be used. Best used in full-screen mode.

Proper Nouns Flash

An animated tutorial which explains what Proper Nouns are.

The Adjective Detective Flash

A good site for use when teaching adjectives but is best viewed in full-screen mode.

All about Adjectives Flash

A drag and drop activity where you have to drag suitable adjectives into the spaces in a text. It is intended as a teaching tool as there is no checking facility.

Parts of Speech Tutorial Flash

Create the star of your show by choosing a noun, adjective and verb in this interactive parts of speech activity.

Verbs and Their Synonyms Flash

A teaching aid about verbs which can be used to introduce them or for revision. It looks at their function and includes activities to identify them and find synonyms. Check the drop-down list for teachers' notes and worksheets.

Gracie Grammar Tablet friendly

A PowerPoint presentation to reinforce the learning of verbs, nouns and adjectives. To save this permanently to your hard drive right click on the link and 'Save as'.

Word Types Flash

This BBC Bitesize site is quite a challenge as children need to spot a range of parts of speech in action and highlight them. Designed for 10 - 11 year olds.

Lexis the Magician Flash

A delightful interactive tutorial on compound words and apostrophes (contractions) with two cartoon characters Lexis the Magician and his friend Grizzle. Designed for KS1 but would be suitable for year 3.

Crazy Compound Words Flash

A range of activities to explain and reinforce the meaning of compound words.

Don't Use Said Flash

A great teaching resource for looking at alternatives to the word 'said' in written work. Useful for teaching speech marks.

Other words to use rather than SAID Flash

An animation of words to use as an alternative to 'said'. Children set the task of searching narratives for the alternatives came up with the words and they are featured in an interesting way. Not interactive but pupils could see how many words they can remember.

Syllables Factory Game Flash

Work out how many syllables each word has coming through the machine.

Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives Flash

A game where you need to find the nouns, verbs or adjectives to launch a rocket.