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Literacy - Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds)


Sentence Detectives

A useful site for teaching basic punctuation marks such as question marks, exclamation marks and full stops. Includes a download option.

Types of Sentence

An interactive activity with the character Ed the owl. The site looks at different types of sentences and the punctuation that needed to go with them. It has a multiple choice quiz.

Skillswise Sentence Grammar

Choose from different types of text such as a letter, an email and story and then punctuate with full-stops and add capital letters where needed

Contraction Match

A drag and drop activity on the use of apostrophes in contractions.

Apostrophes for Contraction and Possession

Activities which demonstrate the use of the apostrophe. It helps children understand the use of apostrophes for contractions and possession.

Lexis the Magician

A delightful interactive tutorial on compound words and apostrophes (contractions) with two cartoon characters Lexis the Magician and his friend Grizzle. Designed for KS1 but would be suitable for year 3.

Don't Use Said

A great teaching resource for looking at alternatives to the word 'said' in written work. Useful for teaching speech marks.

Apostrophes for Possession

A set of interactive activities which examine the use of the apostrophe to indicate both singular and plural ownership.