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Educational Toys and Games

We are often being asked by parents if we can recommend toys which are fun and that can help children to learn. The following selection of toys and games are great for promoting a child's development. We think they are good value for money and we have explained some the educational benefits of each.

Junior Scrabble Junior Scrabble
Junior Scrabble is a game where children can have fun and learn at the same time. The tiles have lower case letters, particularly important for younger children. There are two games so children can enjoy them at their own level.

Meccano Meccano Easy Box
This is an easy construction kit for children aged 4 and upwards. The construction tasks involved will help to develop co-ordination and manipulative skills. It will also provide opportunities for discussion. There are over 100 pieces in the kit and you can make up to different toys, though only one at a time, so it is an excellent rainy day resource.

Lego Deluxe Brick Box LEGO 5508 Deluxe Brick Box
This big box of Lego has a great range of different coloured and shaped bricks together with a building instructions and ideas booklet. It is suitable for children four and upwards. Your child will have lots of fun being creative. The toy provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and will improve manipulative skills. If you are looking for ways to improve your child's speech and language, this toy will provide lots of great talking points.

Medical Carry Case Medical Carrycase
Your child will love to play doctors and nurses with this great little medical kit which has 'instruments' which he or she will recognise. The kit won't break the bank either, but what it will do is provide a context for valuable role play. So it's a toy to get out when the neighbour's child comes round. It's just the ticket for developing communication skills and you never know it may even set the seed for a future career in medicine!

Who's on the Farm? Who's on the Farm?
This jigsaw puzzle is suitable for young children from the age of two. It comes with an activity guide to help you encourage your child's development and has a durable wipe-clean finish. The colourful illustrations of farm animals provide opportunities for discussion with your child. Also in the same series is Who's in the Jungle?.