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Reflecting in the Axes

A tutorial showing how simple shapes are reflected in both the x and y axes.

10-12 year olds

Button Bop

A memory challenge game. Can you remember a sequence of up to 10 sounds and shapes? This is a good activity for helping a child's listening skills.

4-7 year olds

Measuring Area

An animation from the BBC covering the concept of area, and different ways to measure and calculate the area of rectangles, triangles and composite shapes.

10-11 year olds

Secondary and A Level Maths Teaching Resources

Resources for teachers and lecturers using the free-standing mathematics units at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels and also the AS Use of Mathematics.

11-18 year olds

Area Builder

A fabulous teaching aid and learning game site on areas, perimeter and fractions of shapes. You can toggle between one or two display areas which is useful if you want to compare different shapes.

6-11 year olds
Teachers, Pupils

Interactive Teaching Program on Area

This interactive teaching tool can be used in a variety of mathematical contexts such as multiplication arrays, finding different shapes with the same area, nets and more. It is useful because there are different backgrounds such as dots.

5-14 year olds

ITP Coordinates

This resource from Mathsframe allows you to use a marker to identify the coordinates of points on different grids. You can mark points and draw lines and shapes in either 1, 2 or 4 quadrants.

6-11 year olds
Teachers, Pupils

Grover's Winter Games

This game is probably suitable more for use at home than at school. It has three parts. The first has number to 15 number recognition activities, the second has shape patterns to complete and the third tests a child's ability to follow instructions.

4-5 year olds
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