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Jessie and Friends

Jessie and Friends is a series of three animations which aims to give 4-7 year olds knowledge, skills and confidence to help them respond safely to risks they may encounter online.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
4-7 year olds
Toy Shop Money Game

Money games where children work out which coins will buy toy shop items and where they can calculate change. Tablet-friendly and with different levels of difficulty. GDP, USD, EURO and AUD options are available.

4-11 year olds
Flutter-by Friends

Listen to the story about Cassie Caterpillar and her friend Clyde. When you have heard the story see if you can sequence pictures of the story on a storyboard.

5-7 year olds
ITP Beadsticks

Mathsframe has produced a tablet friendly beadsticks resource which can help with understanding place value, partitioning and modelling addition and subtraction.

6-9 year olds
Speed Challenge

Speed Challenge has now been updated to be tablet-friendly. The new version is called Daily 10 and it has new features and more curriculum coverage.

Teachers, Pupils
6-11 year olds
Smudge's Early Science

Simple, tablet-friendly science games for young children on parts of animals and plants, parts of the body, classifying animals and plants and life cycles.

4-7 year olds
Web Whiteboard

A Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly online whiteboard app that enables you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to draw sketches, collaborate and share with others. Easy to use and no installation needed.

3-11 year olds
Reading Scales Mass

A great teaching aid for children learning to read scales involving g and kg. Generate lots of different readings. This resource works well on tablets and interactive whiteboards.

6-10 year olds
Virtual Unifix

This is a manipulative which has virtual Unifix which can be snapped together. Better on desktop machines than tablets. Poor on iPad.

4-7 year olds
Dress Up

Dress up Daniel Tiger and his friends in lots of different outfits.

3-5 year olds
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