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Nocturnal Animals

A delightful non-fiction text with information about nocturnal animals such as the fox, owl, hedgehog, badger and bat.

7-9 year olds
Rainforest Animals

Great pictures of some of the wonderful animals which live in the rainforest. The concise facts on some of them is ideal for primary aged children.

7-11 year olds
What types of food do animals eat?

An easy video explanation of the differences between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

7-11 year olds
Animal Photos

Super wildlife and domestic animals photos which can help you to identify creatures.

Teachers, Pupils
5-16 year olds
Animal Home Builder

A delightful series of activities where children need to follow instructions to help to build animal homes for a cat, dog, bird and rabbit.

3-5 year olds
Create a Talking Animal

Check out the creative writing idea from the British Library and create your own talking animal. You could write a story or draw a beautiful illustration.

6-11 year olds
Best Maths Animated Gifs

Downloadable animated gifs which demonstrate mathematical concepts such as Pythagorus Theorem, how to find the area of a cylinder and more. Useful teaching aid for use on an interactive whiteboard.

11-14 year olds
All about Animals

An interesting site about ethical issues around keeping animals.

Teachers, Pupils
7-14 year olds
Baby Animals

Find out why spring is an ideal time for animals to have their young. There is information about calves, lambs, birds and about animals coming out of hibernation. Written at two levels of difficulty.

6-11 year olds
Animal Shadows

A memory pairs game where you match the shadows to the animals to complete the puzzle.

5-7 year olds
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