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Chopper Squad

A game which focuses on one more and less and ten more and less addition with the aid of number grids. It can help children learn two digit numbers and this game is a simpler version of our Helicopter Rescue game.

5-7 year olds

Hide and Seek

A counting game where you need to find from zero to 10 animals, the corresponding numeral and matching number word. You will need to look carefully to find everything.

4-6 year olds

Cashing In

Choose coins to make specific sums of money. Amounts range from working within 10p to working within £2. The site works well on an interactive whiteboard.

5-11 year olds

Coconut Odd or Even

Coconut Odd or Even can help children identify odd and even numbers. Recognising odd and even numbers is an important number concept in Key Stage 1.

5-7 year olds

Place Value Basketball

Place Value Basketball is a fun, base ten blocks game which helps children aged 5 to 8 to know what each digit in a either a two or three digit number represents.

5-8 year olds
Teachers, Pupils

Bug Catcher

See if you can guess whether there are more bugs of one colour than another. Then catch the bugs to see if you were right before setting them free.

3-5 year olds

Math Visuals

Math Visuals has some really interesting and useful digital teaching tools to promote primary pupils' understanding of basic maths concepts. They work well in full-screen on an interactive whiteboard.

5-11 year olds

Coins Game

Coins game is a money game which introduces children to coinage in British, Australian, American and Euro currencies. There are three modes: Sorting, Ordering and Counting money.

4-10 year olds
Teachers, Pupils

Numberline Lane

Suggested activities and worksheets for young children set around the characters from the Numberline Lane books which are designed to help both the teaching and learning of maths through stories. Useful for parents or teachers.

3-7 year olds
Pupils, Parents

Addition to 10

A useful introduction to the concept of addition which features cute animals to count and a number line.

4-5 year olds
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