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Coins Game

Coins game is a money game which introduces children to coinage in British, Australian, American and Euro currencies. There are three modes: Sorting, Ordering and Counting money.

4-10 year olds
Teachers, Pupils

Math Visuals

Math Visuals has some really interesting and useful digital teaching tools to promote primary pupils' understanding of basic maths concepts. They work well in full-screen on an interactive whiteboard.

5-11 year olds

Bon-Go Go Go!

Can you count up to 10? Count the bongo drum beats to find out.

3-5 year olds
Pupils, Parents

Planet Under Pressure

BBC News Online explores our planet's most pressing environmental issues. The site takes a look at six areas where a crisis could be brewing: food, water, energy, climate change, biodiversity and pollution.

14-18 year olds
Teachers, Pupils

Christmas Worksheets

We've put together a selection of Christmas-themed maths worksheets. There are counting, ordering, addition, subtraction, data-handling, measuring and symmetry activities. Mostly KS1 but the addition puzzles are suitable for KS2.

5-11 year olds
Teachers, Pupils

3-2-1 Snack

A fun early counting game where children practise counting to 6.

3-4 year olds
Teachers, Pupils, Parents

Rumble in the Jungle

Read along to the audio of the book Rumble in the Jungle which is about the sounds made by the animals that live there. There is also a version that is signed.

4-7 year olds

Num Tanga Junior

Match the pairs which could be numerals, numbers as words, ten frames, base ten or fingers on hands. There are different levels the highest of which goes up to 20.

4-6 year olds

The Children's Poetry Archive

A superb selection of poems arranged by themes, style or author. You can listen to an audio track of each poem being read by the author.

5-11 year olds

Telling the Time in Words

A game where you need to tell the time in words. Use language such as 'o'clock', 'half past' and 'quarter to' and compare the analogue time to digital time. The site works very well on an interactive whiteboard.

5-11 year olds
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