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Fish Force

A game where you will need to use your knowledge of push forces and friction to rescue a toy stuck on the ice.

6-11 year olds
Magnets and their invisible force

A short video from BBC Bitesize which explains magnets and the metals they attract.

7-11 year olds
BP Educational Service Secondary Resources

A wealth of high quality teaching and learning resources related to science, business and geography. Includes interactive activities, information booklets, teachers' notes, lesson ideas, case studies, animations and more. Superb!

11-18 year olds
GCSE Bitesize - Physics

Test your knowledge on the Space Physics, Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, Energy, Forces, Waves and Atomic Structure in preparation for your GCSE Physics examination.

14-16 year olds
S-Cool! GCSE Physics

A comprehensive and easy to use GCSE Physics revision resource. Packed full of animations, interactions and exam style or multichoice questions and answers.

14-16 year olds
Sir Isaac Newton: The Universal Law of Gravitation

What really happened when the apple fell off the tree? Here you will find an extensive explanation of Newton's Laws of Gravity. Kepler's Laws are also discussed.

16-18 year olds
Victorian Britain

A feature from the Public Record office which looks at life in Victorian Britain. The information is illustrated with original documents from the time. It has activities for students based on these sources.

Teachers, Pupils
11-14 year olds
Principles of Flight

Have you ever wondered how a plane gets off the ground? This page from Science Learning Hub explains.

Teachers, Pupils
11-18 year olds
Battle of Britain

Examine the background to the aerial conflict between British and German forces in the skies over the UK in 1940.

Teachers, Pupils
11-16 year olds

A useful collection of images of toys from the Victoria and Albert museum if you are working on a topic related to toys or forces.

Teachers, Pupils
3-7 year olds
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