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BBC Sport Academy

Video guides from the experts on many sports from football, cricket, athletics, cycling, basket ball and many more including some Olympic sports.

Teachers, Pupils
18 year olds
A Balanced Diet

An interactive whiteboard teaching resource which looks at the food groups needed for a healthy diet why we need each component.

Teachers, Pupils
11-13 year olds
GCSE Bitesize - Physical Education

Taking GCSE Physical Education? Then you won't want to miss these notes from the BBC. There are sections on Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise and Fitness, Health and Hygiene and Performance.

14-16 year olds

Do you need information for your GCSE Biology or Double Award Science? If so, you will probably find it here, where there is practically a whole set of illustrated teaching notes.

Teachers, Pupils
11-16 year olds
Heart and Circulation

A superb resource which looks at the function of the heart and heart disease. Find out what you can do to keep your heart healthy.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
14-18 year olds
Kids World

Check out the food pyramid which shows which foods you should eat less of. There is a guide to healthy eating, food safety and food labels.

7-14 year olds
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