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Childnet’s mission is to work in partnership with others around the world to help make the internet a great and safe place for children. There are useful resources including videos for 6 to 9 year olds.

6-18 year olds
Childnet E-safety Calendar for Schools

Looking for ideas for teaching e-safety in schools? This calendar has games and activities for key dates like Safer Internet Day and Anti-Bullying Week.

5-18 year olds
Jessie and Friends

Jessie and Friends is a series of three animations which aims to give 4-7 year olds knowledge, skills and confidence to help them respond safely to risks they may encounter online.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
4-7 year olds

SafeShare is a safe way to watch and share YouTube videos without distracting ads or comments. Simply paste your YouTube link and generate a safe URL which you can bookmark to use again if you wish.

Teachers, Parents
3-18 year olds
Get Safe Online

Get Safe Online is sponsored by the UK Government and leading businesses with the aim of helping you to protect yourself and your family against Internet threats.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
14-18 year olds
Road Safety Week

Take part in Road Safety Week in the UK in November. Schools can order road safety packs with glossy posters.

5-18 year olds
Reservoir Safety Teacher's Guide

A water safety teacher's guide which links to videos that can be used to deliver key messages around water safety, together with suggested additional activities to aid learning around the topic.

Teachers, Pupils
7-16 year olds
National Online Safety Platform Guides

A support portal for schools where you can find the most up to date guides for social media apps and platforms. Many of these guides can be printed out to help parents keep their children safe online.

5-18 year olds
Think! Road Safety

THINK! Education includes a wealth of road safety information, lesson plans and resources for pupils, teachers and parents.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
3-16 year olds
How the Sun and UV Cause Cancer

Find out how to protect your skin in the sun. There is an animation showing you what happens to your skin when it is burnt in the sun.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
5-11 year olds
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