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Teach Your Monster to Read

A free game for young children to practise the first steps of reading. The game is built on the principles of synthetic phonics and follows the teaching sequence of the Letters and Sounds programme.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
5-7 year olds
English Writing Skills for ESL Learners

This is the English Club English writing site for ESL students. It looks at the letters of the alphabet, when to use capital letters and some spelling rules.

11-14 year olds
Good Questions, Good Answers on Buddhism

A good place to start if you want to find out about Buddha's teachings. Unusual, but effective question and answer format.

Teachers, Pupils
11-18 year olds
Inside Careers

Excellent careers information. The site includes company profiles and graduate vacancies. Download career guides in PDF format.

16-18 year olds
Primary Resources

Don't miss this wealth of worksheets, ideas, activities and resources for primary teachers. Sections included are literacy, homework, maths, science and art. Some resources are online, others are in PDF format.

5-11 year olds
Ofsted - Office for Standards in Education

This site summarises the key aspects of Ofsted's school inspection system and provides access to the Ofsted reports of the majority of UK schools in Adobe Acrobat format.

5-16 year olds
Focus on Phonics

Are you baffled by what 'phonics' means? Here are frequently asked questions with answers which can help you to understand what they are and how they are used to help your child to learn to read. You can listen to the hear the sounds the letters make too.

3-7 year olds
Science Teaching Resources for Interactive Whiteboards

Six PowerPoint or Smartboard Notebook teaching resources for KS4 Science. Topics include balancing equations, chemical reactions, formation of crude oil, fractional distillation, industrial uses of enzymes, the Atom, the Halogens and the Periodic Table.

14-16 year olds
Spelling Bee

The spelling activities on this US site are for children aged 5 in September (Grade 1) up to age 17 in September (Grade 10). The primary age activities are good exercises for KS1 and KS2 spelling SATs in England as they follow a similar format.

5-18 year olds
ABC Countdown

A challenging game where you have to click on all the letters of the alphabet in the right order in 30 seconds. Not so easy as it sounds!

7-11 year olds
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