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Number Line Subtraction Game

Can you recognise the subtraction sentences by looking at the number line? There are three levels: subtract 1, subtract 2 and subtract by 1 to 9.

5-7 year olds
Christmas Patterns

A Christmas edition of our Shape Patterns game. This is a sequencing game where children from 3 to 8 years of age need to complete a sequence of Christmas icons by finding the missing shape. Excellent for logic and problem solving.

3-8 year olds
Minus Miners

Use your knowledge of negative numbers to mine resources and save your village.

11-14 year olds
Spring Maths

Counting, ordering, sequencing, number bonds, addition, subtraction, multiplication and more, all set around the theme of Spring.

5-9 year olds
Paint the Squares

There are various sized interactive grids up to 120, all of which are configurable. They include a regular 100 square, a negative numbers grid, decimal numbers and puzzles. Ideal for starter or plenary activity.

Teachers, Pupils
5-11 year olds
Millions Counter

This site from Mathszone can help you to read numbers from single digit numbers up to numbers with tens of millions.

6-11 year olds
Compose and Decompose Numbers

A place value game which can help you to understand tens and ones.

6-7 year olds
What are odd and even numbers?

A Bitesize feature which explains how even numbers divide between two and odd don't. Try your hand at making the monkeys happy.

6-7 year olds
Maths Fishing

Practise your multiplication skills. The game not only covers times tables but also doubles, squared and cubed numbers.

5-11 year olds
BBC Bitesize Maths Key Stage 2

Two learner guides and fourteen class video clips on place value and decimals.

7-11 year olds
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