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S-Cool! GCSE Physics

A comprehensive and easy to use GCSE Physics revision resource. Packed full of animations, interactions and exam style or multichoice questions and answers.

14-16 year olds
World War II

The BBC has put together this superb site on the Second World War which not only summarizes the events of each of the war years from 1939 to 1945, but it looks at major aspects of it such as the Battle of Britain, the Blitz, evacuation and much more.

Teachers, Pupils
11-18 year olds

A useful collection of images of toys from the Victoria and Albert museum if you are working on a topic related to toys or forces.

Teachers, Pupils
3-7 year olds
KS2 French

A BBC site with French skills, phonics, songs, stories and a game.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
7-11 year olds
Living During the Second World War

An excellent web page made by a school in Scotland on everyday life during the war. It includes information on gas masks, the blackout, air raid shelters and the evacuation. The children have included family recollections.

7-14 year olds
The Coventry Blitz

A web page which describes how the old city of Coventry was destroyed during the Second World War.

Teachers, Pupils
14-16 year olds
All about Astronomy

Zoom Astronomy covers the Solar System, planets, moon, the Sun, asteroids, comets, stars, galaxies and more. There is an illustrated astronomy dictionary and classroom activities. A comprehensive site.

Teachers, Pupils
11-16 year olds
Using a Calculator - Finding Change

Answer a variety of 2 step word problems using a calculator.

7-11 year olds

An interactive whiteboard resource for teaching number sequences. Useful for use throughout Key Stage 2 as it has many different levels.

7-11 year olds
Rationing in the Second World War

Information, posters and photographs which are brilliant for a topic on World War 2.

Teachers, Pupils
8-14 year olds
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