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Kids and Reading

KidsAndReading contains over 50 articles which focus on encouraging and helping children to read. Find out about different learning styles, classroom methods and problems which can arise with reading.

3-7 year olds
Sounds and Actions

A useful demonstration on YouTube of the phonics sounds and actions from a teacher using the Jolly Phonics scheme.

5-6 year olds
Area and Perimeter

A teaching tool for demonstrating area and perimeter on an interactive whiteboard. Drag out rectangles to show different examples.

7-11 year olds
Addition and Subtraction Ladder

Try the simple addition and subtraction sums to build your ladder. The examples include missing numbers or addends.

5-6 year olds
Acids, Bases and Salts

Test your understanding of acids, alkalis, bases and salts in this quiz. Find out the difference between alkalis and bases, how acids and alkalis react with one another, how neutralisation can produce salts and the relevance of pH values.

14-16 year olds
Hide and Seek

A counting game where you need to find from zero to 10 animals, the corresponding numeral and matching number word. You will need to look carefully to find everything.

4-6 year olds
Community and Grassroots Sport in Wales

Find out details of how you can get help for community sports clubs and sports projects in Wales.

Teachers, Parents
7-11 year olds
Online Stopwatch and Timer

Set up this digital stopwatch or set the timer to count down the time. Works well on an interactive whiteboard.

5-14 year olds

Wired is a free atmospheric puzzle-platform game where you must wire up electrical circuits to get through. The circuits become increasingly complex as new concepts are introduced and various components have to be used together.

14-18 year olds
Christmas Patterns

A Christmas edition of our Shape Patterns game. This is a sequencing game where children from 3 to 8 years of age need to complete a sequence of Christmas icons by finding the missing shape. Excellent for logic and problem solving.

3-8 year olds
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