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GCSE Bitesize - Chemistry

Subjects covered include changing materials, geology, patterns of behaviour and structure of materials. Test yourself on the interactive quiz.

14-16 year olds
Coconut Ordering

Compare and order different numbers, including decimal numbers, and metric quantities involving length, mass, capacity and money. Includes UK, Euro and Dollar currencies.

5-11 year olds
Guided Reading and Reading Games with Roy the Zebra

A wonderful guided reading story with accompanying printable worksheets and guided reading discussion sheets. There are 80 interactive literacy games, stories and songs for use in school or at home. Well worth a look!

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
5-7 year olds
The Open Door Website

A research and reference site for students and teachers in biology, chemistry, technology, physics and electronics. Well laid out and with good diagrams this looks like a very useful site.

Teachers, Pupils
7-16 year olds
What are odd and even numbers?

A Bitesize feature which explains how even numbers divide between two and odd don't. Try your hand at making the monkeys happy.

6-7 year olds
Chinese Dragon Game

Chinese Dragon Game is an ordering and sequencing numbers game based on the Chinese New Year dragon theme.

4-11 year olds
Environment Agency

News, information, research and data about the environment of England and Wales. A mine of information about all aspects of environmental concern. Check the drop down menu to see what is on offer. A site of relevance to A Level geographers.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
16-18 year olds
Jessie and Friends

Jessie and Friends is a series of three animations which aims to give 4-7 year olds knowledge, skills and confidence to help them respond safely to risks they may encounter online.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
4-7 year olds
Carroll Diagrams - Odd and Even

Sort numbers on these Carroll Diagrams by whether they are odd or even, by place value or by more or less than a given number.

6-9 year olds
Jack and the Beanstalk

Listen to or read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Excellent animation.

3-5 year olds
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