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British Seaside History in Pictures

A selection of photographs, most black and white, of UK seaside resorts each with a brief historical explanation.

Teachers, Pupils


5-11 year olds
The Adventures of Steven Seagull

You can read about Steven Seagull's visit to the seaside, see some of the things he saw when he was there and hear some of the sounds he heard. Teachers can use this as a fiction text for literacy hour or in connection with a seaside theme in geography.


Not tablet-friendly

5-7 year olds
Heritage England Teaching Resources

Historic England offer a wide range of readymade free online learning resources for teachers. You can also search over 10,000 Educational Images, specially selected and re-captioned from their archive.


Partly tablet-friendly

5-18 year olds

A comprehensive BBC site covering the following aspects of the Victorian Era: Queen Victoria and her Prime Ministers, Political Events, Industrial Revolution, Technology and Innovation, Daily Life and Welfare and Health.

Teachers, Pupils


11-18 year olds
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