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Easter Nests

A step by step guide to making delicious Easter nests for Easter time. Easy enough for children to make.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
5-16 year olds
Online Stopwatch and Timer

Set up this digital stopwatch or set the timer to count down the time. Works well on an interactive whiteboard.

5-14 year olds
GCSE Bitesize - Chemistry

Subjects covered include changing materials, geology, patterns of behaviour and structure of materials. Test yourself on the interactive quiz.

14-16 year olds

Footprints have produced quality PowerPoint slides that cover the GCSE Science requirements. A subscription service but the site includes free demonstration samples.

14-16 year olds
Easter Bunny

Find out why bunnies are associated with Easter time and about the tradition of the Easter bunny leaving Easter eggs.

Teachers, Pupils
7-16 year olds
Top 10 Tips for Revision

Exams and tests can be a stressful time for most students, but follow these fantastic stress-free tips for revising kindly contributed by the pupils of Kingsley School.

11-18 year olds
Farming Videos

Farming videos which show how food such as wheat, fruit, vegetables and poultry is produced. Useful teaching aids at harvest time.

5-11 year olds
Who is Georgia O'Keeffe?

Take the time to look at the world of Georgia O'Keeffe who painted mountains, skulls and flowers.

9-14 year olds
Timeline British History for Kids

This timeline begins from Prehistoric times to the present day.

Teachers, Pupils
9-14 year olds
Fruit Splat - Compare Equations

Compare the addition, subtraction and multiplication equations by using the greater than, less than or equals to signs. Use either the timed or untimed mode.

7-9 year olds
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