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British Railways

A detailed look at the growth of the railway system in Britain in the 19th century. There are sections on engineers and entrepreneurs, locomotives, railway companies and more.

Teachers, Pupils


14-16 year olds
Object Lessons

An online display of artefacts with information from Islington Artefacts Library. Great for topics on Victorians and the Second World War. The text is difficult for Key Stage 1 children but the images are excellent.


Partly tablet-friendly

5-11 year olds
British Education: 1700-1950

The site traces the development of educational provision in Britain. There are biographies of educationalists and details of Education Acts. GCSE students should find this site helpful.

Teachers, Pupils


14-16 year olds

The BBC has several timelines including Scottish, Welsh and Irish history from Neolithic times to the Twentieth Century, Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers and politics and a Nazis timeline.

Teachers, Pupils

Not tablet-friendly

11-18 year olds
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