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Lapbooks for Topic Work

Posted on 28-Jan-15

Lately I've been seeing topic work displayed in lapbooks, which may be called layer books or flap books. They are basically folders containing topic work in different formats of 'mini-books' such as pockets, flap books, facts and pictures. I have collected images of lapbooks on a Pinterest Board so you can see them in action.

The most basic lapbook can be just one folder which is perhaps ideal for younger children but older primary pupils may prefer to have up to three folders stuck together for a more comprehensive topic.

Check out the above YouTube video if you want to see how a lapbook is assembled. I think it is important to use good quality, sturdy folders and to strengthen the central panels with extra card so your lapbooks don't flop under the weight of work inside. I can anticipate that storage of completed work before compilation of the lapbook would need to be carefully considered.

If you fancy getting started I have created three blank mini-books inserts which you can download below and print out either on paper or card to put in your lapbook. Look out for more lapbook mini-book inserts to come.


Download mini-book inserts here: