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Full of the Joys of Spring?

Posted on 22-Feb-15

Are you full of the joys of spring? Well maybe not if you are back at school tomorrow after half-term. However, spring is just round the corner and if you're planning a topic on the spring season then our comprehensive All about Spring resource may be just the thing you're looking for.

Written at two reading levels, 'All about Spring' is an ideal non-fiction reference resource for the primary age group. It's bang up to date giving you the precise date when the current year's season begins as it is varies slightly from year to year.

Why do plants begin to grow in Spring?

We examine spring events such as spring weather, baby animals, nesting birds, frog life cycle and more so that children can become familiar with features of the season. The resource lends itself well for use on an Interactive Whiteboard and as with all our own resources it's tablet friendly.

The Stoy of a Gret Tit Nest