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It's Chinese New Year of the Goat!

Posted on 19-Feb-15

Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating today! It's now the Year of the Goat (Sheep or Ram), which is the eighth animal in the Chinese Zodiac cycle.


We have lots of free Chinese New Year resources written for primary-aged children but one of our most popular is the Chinese Zodiac story which we have retold from Chinese mythology. It tells of how the Jade Emperor, who was the Emperor of Heaven in Chinese folklore, ordered the animals in the zodiac calendar. It's a great story that kids enjoy.

If you would like to know what animal sign you were born under try our birthday zodiac calculator which will also tell you the typical character traits of animal. In China it's generally thought that the best year to be born in is the Year of the Dragon which is thought to be a lucky. What do you think?