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Three Cool Websites for Practical Science

Posted on 18-Apr-15

Do you sometimes need inspiration for practical science ideas in the primary classroom? If so you may like to check out these cool websites which are bursting with exciting ideas and ideal to try with primary aged children.

Science Bob is a recent addition to our search engine. It has experiments with easy to follow directions, many with excellent instructional videos. Make sure you check out the cool 'Build a soap powered model boat' experiment - a sure hit with children!


Another similar resource is Science Sparks which is a science blog that aims to make science fun for children. The activities are easy to do and use only equipment and materials which are found in the home. The inspirational activities are appropriate for use in school or the home and are aimed at children from 3 - 11 years old.


Thirdly we couldn't forget one of our favourite primary sites which we have featured before, ExpeRimental. It's intended to help parents do fun science experiments with their children but is equally useful for school use. Created by The Royal Institution, the film clips are of top quality and the science behind each experiment is carefully explained. There are downloadable information sheets to accompany each activity together with ideas, badges and certificates. Superb!