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Free Topmarks Fonts are Launched!

Posted on 27-Jun-15

We are thrilled to launch brand new, freely downloadable Topmarks fonts which are ideal for use by early years and primary school teachers. From personal experience we know the frustration felt by teachers at the lack of an ideal free font for use in applications such as Microsoft Word when preparing classroom materials for young children. Comic Sans, which was inspired by comic book lettering, has usually been the compromise font for teachers not wishing to resort to commercial alternatives. Well now there is a free alternative! Topmarks fonts are available in Regular and Bold options.


We have been using a Beta version of Topmarks fonts for some time in our early years games such as Teddy Numbers and Underwater Counting. One of the important factors when we collaborated with professional font designers during the production of Topmarks fonts was that the letters and numbers should be formed similar to how children first learn to write.


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