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New Great Fire of London Website

Posted on 03-Sep-16

Exactly 350 years ago from September 2nd and September 5th 1666 the Great Fire of London was raging. To mark this milestone the Museum of London in partnership with London Metropolitan Archives, Guildhall Art Gallery and the Monument have collaborated to create a new fantastic website called The Great Fire of London.

The site has a brilliant interactive, animated game for children which challenges their knowledge of how we know what happened all those years ago. The game covers the six days of the fire by being divided into chapters which have sub-chapters within each day. This allows you to have the option of teaching the subject step-by-step if you wish. The site works equally well on individual computers, mobile devices or on an interactive whiteboard.

The whole website has been created with simplicity in mind. You can find out information about the fire either through coloured boxes on the map or through the Minecraft Experience where Great Fire 1666 uses the power of Minecraft to tell the story of the fire. You can harness the popularity of the game to help to teach the topic. All in all a great resource!