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New £1 Coin for Toy Shop Money Game

Posted on 27-Mar-17

Tomorrow, 28 March 2017, the new £1.00 coin comes into circulation in the UK. The good news is we've updated our Toy Shop Money game with the new coin.


Toy Shop Money is designed to help children, from 4 - 11 years of age, to understand UK money. There are two game modes; the first where children use coins to make up varying amounts to buy the toys and the second where they work out change. There are varying levels of difficulty and the easiest levels involve working out amounts with coins of the same denomination. The activities progress from counting out amounts with mixed coins to working out change from up to a £10 note.


There are also USD and AUD versions of the same game.

Remember to check for those old £1.00 coins in pockets and down the side of the sofa because shops will no longer accept them after 15 October 2017. The old coin is being replaced because approximately one in thirty £1 coins in circulation is a counterfeit. Below is a statement from the Royal Mint.

"The legal tender status of the round £1 coin will be withdrawn on 15th October 2017. From this date shops will no longer accept these coins, but you will still be able to take them to your bank. We would encourage you to use your coins or return them to your bank before 15th October."