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Be Prepared! Place Value for Year 1 numeracy lessons

Posted on 03-Feb-18

Handy classroom ideas – here's a new update to our regular 'Be Prepared!' series to inspire you while lesson planning. We're here to help when time is scarce, so this idea's about upcoming numeracy lessons for Year 1 on place value...

We know that lots of Year 1 teachers will be working on place value lessons over the coming weeks, so here are a couple of ideas to assist. First, be sure to check out our recently launched Place Value Basketball maths game.

Place Value Basketball counting game

The first three levels of this game are ideal for Year 1 students, so use these as a great way to help when differentiating for pupils of varying abilities.

Place Value Basketball learning game

Our next tip for Year 1 maths lessons on this subject is our Place Value Charts game. The 'Teaching Mode' is ideal for learning, as although the 'tens' do go up to 90, teachers can tailor the usage, focussing on the required lower levels at first. Tasks can later be set in the 'Practise' mode, with numbers up to 99 in the 'tens and units' section, as children's skills develop and more advanced learners can be stretched.

Place Value Charts maths game by Topmarks

Place Value Charts maths game by Topmarks

Like all Topmarks' games, both the Place Value Basketball and Place Value Charts games are FREE. Both are tablet- and whiteboard-friendly, too, so just click to play. Let us know how your little learners get on - do tag us in your social media updates... #PlaceValueBasketball and #PlaceValueCharts and on Twitter, using @topmarksed

And keeping following for more 'Be Prepared!' posts, for all age groups, to help make the most of precious planning time.