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Primary Maths Challenge 2018

Posted on 08-May-18

Calling all maths coordinators, and teachers looking to boost maths confidence and motivation in their classrooms… Try the Primary Maths Challenge in 2018!

Run by the Mathematical Association for maths education in the UK, this campaign is a great way to inspire primary-age children and we think is a perfect idea as a preparation for working on tests.

Primary Maths Challenge

It's a nationwide challenge, open to children in: Years 5 and 6 in England and Wales, P6 and P7 in Scotland, Years 6 and 7 in Northern Ireland.

The 2018 challenge will be held on the week commencing 12 November 2018.

There's a strong focus on problem solving and Topmarks think this challenge would be super for use in school maths clubs, if you have one.

Primary Maths Challenge

The test is designed with a couple of pre-challenge warm-up questions, then allowing a full 45 minutes to complete the graduated-difficulty questions. These comprise 20 multiple choice questions and a further 5 written questions. The structure is well-thought through to allow less-able learners to still take part whilst also stretching more able children. Past-paper examples (with answers) are available on the site to download and practice.

Primary Maths Challenge - past test paper

Primary Maths Challenge - Past-test paper

Primary Maths Challenge - past-test paper

There's an entry fee for the actual test paper, payable when registering for the challenge (early bird discount price: £11 per pack of 10 question papers, excl p&p). Schools will mark their own papers, thanks to the handy answer sheets and marking guide provided with the pack.

And all children will receive certificates – Gold, Silver, Bronze and 'I took part' – so everyone can be proud of their achievements. High scorers will even be invited to take part in a global Bonus Challenge part of the contest.

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