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Get involved with the Big Butterfly Count 2018

Posted on 31-Jul-18

Nature needs our help! Here's a real-life science project that everyone can help with – the big butterfly count is on now, running until 20 August, so don't miss out

More than ever before, it's important for everyone to be aware of the environment and take care of nature around us. The big butterfly count is a UK-wide survey, organised by the charity Butterfly Conservation, and sponsored by B&Q. It aims to assess the health of our environment by counting butterfly and day-flying moths.

Big Butterfly Count, survey 2018

These marvellous insects are ideal indicators of how the ecosystem is doing - they react very quickly to changes in their environment, and so any declines in their population numbers are often an important early warning for other wildlife losses. Counting butterfly numbers like this is like taking the pulse of nature! We can help scientists and naturalists understand changes and trends in butterfly populations, plan for protecting them in future, and understand more about climate change and habitat destruction.

Big Butterfly Count, survey 2018

How to get involved! You can easily join in as a big butterfly count only takes 15 minutes, on a bright (preferably sunny) day! Use a downloadable identification chart to record how many butterflies and day-flying moths you see in those 15 minutes. Then upload your findings to the big butterfly count website or app. Simple! Find out more about how to count your butterflies here.

For more inspiration, see what naturalist Sir David Attenborough, President of Butterfly Conservation, has to say about the big butterfly count:

Topmarks' tip: This is a great activity to do with children, especially if they've been learning about minibeasts, butterfly life cycles and their habitats! Click now, and get out in the fresh air to join in the big butterfly count today!