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RE resources for Foundation and KS1

Posted on 20-Mar-19

Make the most of a new set of open-access resources developed to encourage children to engage with the world around them, learning about different faiths.

These free resources have been produced by a team at the University of Warwick, in collaboration with the St Mary's Centre. They are for widespread use in schools, following studies on diversity and what it feels like for children growing up amongst many different religious groups, often in a largely secular society.

Religious Education curriculum resources from Warwick UniversityIt is hoped they will be useful for schools when creating informed and safe environments, with positive and respectful attitudes.

Two series of books and accompanying activity worksheets and downloads have been developed: 'Exploring Why' and 'Exploring Our World'.

Religious Education curriculum resources from Warwick University

Each book is based on two central characters, Alex and Sian, and their friendships and widening experiences. Several versions of each title have been produced, allowing maximum flexibility – such as, 'short version' story books aimed for group reading, or 'extended version' stories for more advanced pupils. Deeper learning can come from the 'key questions' books, which encourage more focused observations. Religious Education curriculum resources from Warwick UniversityTeachers are also encouraged to respond to a voluntary feedback survey on the resources, which can be completed anonymously.