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New Place Value Investigation launched

Posted on 08-Sep-20

Bead Numbers is our latest online maths game which is designed to challenge children's understanding of place value. It involves a tens and ones abacus. Users need to select how many beads they want to work with from 1 to 9. Either start with one bead and work through the solutions for each number in order or select a particular number of beads to work with. All the selected number of beads need to be arranged on the abacus spikes to discover the different numbers which can be represented. These are entered using the keypad.

Bead Numbers Game Screen

Our Bead Numbers investigation provides a good context for learners to think systematically in order to find all possible combinations. It offers 6 to 8 year olds the opportunity to focus in particular, on reasoning and problem solving. This activity is suitable for either the classroom or for home learning.

Try Bead Numbers now.