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Paint the Squares Updated

Posted on 01-Nov-20

We've made our popular Paint the Squares resource even better adding more paint and hide number options, more grids including negative numbers and decimals, and also puzzles. Paint the Squares is designed primarily for use on an interactive whiteboard for starter and plenary sessions, but it also works well on tablets and desktop devices.

Paint the Squares Grid Options

Grid Options

The grids have missing number puzzles which can help children to learn the order of numbers and how they are arranged on a grid. The puzzles can be tweaked to include adjacent numbers where the default is to have them hidden. They are also arranged in order of difficulty.

Default Cross Puzzle on 100 square

Cross Puzzle with adjacent numbers

All of the grids are configurable so they can begin at either 0 or 1 and they can all be flipped if you wish to display the numbers from bottom to top. We have also added a fun splat image which is likely to appeal to younger children. The negative number and decimal number grids are designed for older primary age pupils.

Explore the new features on Paint the Squares.