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New Robot More or Less game launched

Posted on 03-Feb-21

Today we've released our latest maths game Robot More or Less and we'd love to know what you think. As the name indicates it's an addition and subtraction game but we've designed it so that it provides steady progression for students who are developing their mental maths skills.

Up to 10 - Add One

Entry Level Addition

The game is highly configurable. Firstly, the range of numbers to be used can be selected in both the addition and subtraction modes: Up to 10, Up to 20, Up to 50 and Up to 100. Then secondly the numbers to be added or taken away can be chosen.

Up to 100 - Ten Less

Up to 100 - Ten Less

As it is so configurable it can be used from young children who are beginning to move on from using objects to add and subtract with, right up to older Key Stage 2 children who need to speed up their mental calculations.

Up to 50 - Minus 1 to 10

Up to 50 - Mixed 1 to 10 Subtraction

Take a look at Robot More or Less and check out its features.