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Great New Maverick Reading Books

Posted on 14-Jan-22

We've just finished reading the latest releases to Maverick Publishing's excellent Maverick Early Readers scheme and we've been delighted with them.

The additions to the scheme start at Blue Band (Level 4) through to the Chapter Readers which are Lime, Brown and Grey Bands (Level 11, 12 and 13). The grey band are designed so that children can make an easy transition to independent reading as they have from 3200 to 4500 words. We found all to be well written and, as we have come to expect from the Maverick books, superbly illustrated.

Some of the new Maverick Chapter Readers

Some of the new Maverick Chapter Readers

The stories of the Maverick Chapter books are original and have themes such as friendship, good versus bad, positive female role models and problem solving. They have characters that readers will easily be able to relate to. The books may also be a useful tool for teachers as exemplars of excellent descriptive writing in action. The first paragraph of 'Scruff Speaks' (Brown Level) is a good example:

"Her skin tingled as menacing dark clouds swept across the sky. A storm was coming!"

We also loved Space Explorers (Brown level) where a girl and boy pair up to enter a competition which, through hard work and dedication, they win a parabolic space flight:

"The sleek, silver jet glittered in the bright sunshine."

We found the new Blue, Green, Orange and Turquoise Early Readers to be equally appealing with themes of problem solving, recycling, helpful characters, overcoming adversity and positive female role models.

Some of the new Early Readers Titles

Some of the new Early Readers Titles

These new titles are an excellent addition to the extensive range of over 200 Maverick books, many of which have free downloadable activity packs. We think the Maverick Early Readers and Chapter Readers are ideal for schools looking to replace or supplement their existing reading schemes.

Disclosure: Topmarks was supplied with a selection of the Early Readers and Chapter Readers by Maverick Publishing, free of charge for a fair and honest review, with no obligation.