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What can children learn through cooking?

Language Skills

Using a Sieve

You can help your child to learn lots of new words and concepts through discussion while you are cooking. Show your child what a recipe is and that you need to follow instructions in order to achieve the required result.

Children can learn the names of ingredients and words like sieve, whisk, stir, mix, roll and melt. They can look for words on packets like eggs and sugar and try to find these words in the recipe.


It is surprising just how big a part science plays in cooking. It involves the concept of changing materials: liquid cake mix becomes a solid through baking, juice can become ice lollies when frozen, chocolate melts when heated.

Rubbing In Margarine

Cooking provides an excellent opportunity to discuss where foods come from such as eggs or milk and how and where various foods grow. Children can learn many things through questions raised in the kitchen including what they need to eat to keep healthy. Talk to them about which foods give them the energy to run and jump and which ones help them to grow strong.

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