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Learning Through Play


Skill 4

The number of objects is the same however they are arranged.

Ordering Numbers

Make some cards with numbers on one side and the corresponding number of spots on the reverse.

Number cards

Lay the cards out with the spotted sides upwards and ask your child to put them in order.

Put these cards in order

As this is achieved you could leave one out and see if he or she can tell which one is missing. An extension to this is to try the same activity with the number sides showing.

Your child will probably become familiar with the arrangment of spots on the cards. It is important that he or she can recognise the number of objects however they are arranged. Using the cards theme, you can represent some numbers with different patterns of spots. Ask your child to match the cards with the same number of spots. Take the opportunity also, to arrange everyday items in different formations, for your child to count.

Different arrangements of four spots

Number Recognition

The next stage is for your child to recognise numbers as symbols. You can use the number cards in number recognition games.