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Boy doing homework Helping with Homework

Problems with Homework

From time to time you may have concerns about homework. Meet with teachers early in the school year and ask them to let you know if difficulties arise.

Some problems which may arise are:

  • the homework can regularly be too hard or too easy
  • your child refuses to do assignments despite encouragement
  • your child has problems completing assignments on time
  • you would like your child to do homework missed through illness
  • neither your child nor you understand the homework
  • your child is taking too much or too little time on homework
  • there may be too much work on some nights and too little on others
  • your child is becoming distressed over homework

Whatever the problem, communicate with school at an early stage and work together to bring about a resolution. Meet with your child's teacher to discuss the situation. If you do have a complaint avoid aggressive confrontations. Try to talk in a calm, cooperative manner and the teacher will be more inclined to find a way round the problem.

By helping your child with homework you not only improve his or her chances of achievement in school and in life, but you can help to develop your child's confidence, self-discipline and sense of responsibility.
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