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Nesting Birds

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Nesting Birds

As it stays light for longer in spring, birds know it is time to find a mate. They do this by singing to each other. When they have paired up, either one or both birds will make a nest from things like dried grass, twigs, moss, feathers or animal hair that they find.

Different sorts of birds nest in different sorts of places. Birds like Blue Tits and Great Tits will often nest in bird boxes, like this one, that people put up for them. Other birds build nests in trees and hedges.

The Cuckoo does not build a nest at all but lays a single egg in another bird's nest. When the baby Cuckoo hatches it will push the other eggs or chicks out of the nest so it can get all the food for itself. The poor birds that built the nest believe they are raising their own chick.

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