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Topmarks fonts are free and especially designed for schools, teaching professionals and young children.

We are thrilled to share with you our free Topmarks fonts which are ideal for use with young children. We have collaborated with font designers to bring you these fonts which we think you will love, particularly as an alternative to Comic Sans.

Topmarks Regular Sample Topmarks Bold Sample

Topmarks Fonts are freely available for you to download and use in any application of your choice such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or in your interactive whiteboard software. They have been in development for a couple of years and below we explain why it has taken so long.

There are a couple of people we would like to thank. Vernon Adams, a British fontface designer living in America, designed the fonts initially in collaboration with us. Before Vernon could complete his work, he tragically suffered a traumatic brain injury in a road traffic accident, from which he never recovered.

We would also like to thank Rob Mientjes, a Dutch typeface designer living in Norway who kindly stepped in to finish the job. Thanks so much to both!

To download the fonts follow the instructions in the sidebar.