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Physics - Key Stage 3 (11-14 year olds)


Dispersion Flash

An interactive whiteboard teaching aid from Freezeray showing the dispersion of white light into coloured light. You can also filter white light prior to entering the prism.

Coloured Filters Flash

An IWB teaching aid where you can view the flags through a coloured filter that can be dragged around the screen. You can change the colour of the filter to red, blue or green.

Eye Defects Flash

A super Flash demonstration from Freezeray on normal sight, short-sightedness and long-sightedness. It also shows how varying the focal length of a corrective lens will give a clear image on the retina of the eye.

Reflection at a Plane Mirror Diagram Flash

This IWB teaching aid demonstrates by plotting the paths of the incident and reflected rays how the image of an object is formed in a mirror.

Reflection at a Plane Mirror 1 Flash

This simulation from Freezeray shows how a beam of light is reflected by a plane mirror. The angle of incidence can be varied by dragging the light source.

Reflection at a Plane Mirror 2 Flash

This teaching resource is designed to show the Law of Reflection. The angle of the light source can be varied and there is an optional protractor to measure the angles of incidence and reflection.