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Super interactive maps on the Eurozone: European countries, capitals, flags, regions, metropolitan areas, monarchies, battles, mountains, lakes, seas, rivers, islands, peninsulas, ports, straits and volcanoes. IWB friendly.

7-14 year olds
Map Skills

This six-lesson unit on map skills designed so that one lesson will be taught in each year group from years one to six.

5-11 year olds
Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

A module of six lesson plans, or a topic which lasts half a term, which focuses on mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes from the Royal Geographical Society. It is supported by downloadable resources.

7-11 year olds
Practical Action Schools

Free STEM resources for teachers include lesson plans, PowerPoints, activities, posters, challenges, images, videos and games all set around global issues including energy, climate change and disaster risk reduction.

5-18 year olds
Better World Detectives

Better World Detectives uses the theme of travel and holidays to engage children from 7-11 years in the role we can all play to protect the environment. Includes flexible lesson plans and a range of free multimedia resources and worksheets.

7-11 year olds
Cool Antarctica

Facts about Antartica including the climate, animals, transport and history of exploration.

Teachers, Pupils
11-18 year olds
What do you know about climate change?

A quiz to test your knowledge of climate change and its causes.

11-16 year olds
S-Cool! A Level Geography

A superb, well illustrated guide to AS/A2 Level geography courses. You will need to check your syllabus to ensure coverage, but you will not be disappointed with this site.

16-18 year olds

Support materials and lesson plans about rivers and their journey to the sea from the Royal Geographical Society.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
7-14 year olds
A River's Journey

The journey of a river can be divided into three sections: upper, middle and lower. This site features video footage of rivers in the three stages and explains what happens in each stage.

9-14 year olds
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