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A River's Journey

The journey of a river can be divided into three sections: upper, middle and lower. This site features video footage of rivers in the three stages and explains what happens in each stage.

9-14 year olds
Something Fishy

A series of lessons on water and fish including how they differ from other animals. It looks at the features of different animals groups, food chains and the nutritional value of fish. The section on water would be good on an interactive whiteboard.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
10-13 year olds
Map Reading Skills for Children

Top ideas and tips on how to promote children's interest in reading maps. It includes free downloadable activity cards.

Teachers, Pupils
7-11 year olds
Geography Dictionary and Glossary

Over 1400 terms are defined in this dictionary aimed at students who are studying geography or earth sciences.

11-18 year olds
Coast Processes

An animation showing different types of coastal erosion such as hydraulic pressure, abrasion and attrition, and the landforms that they create. It explains how deposition and transport create beaches and spits.

Teachers, Pupils
11-16 year olds
The Ballad of Lisa the Lemur

Lemurs are in danger as rainforests disappear. Listen to the song about Lemurs and see what is happening as rainforests are destroyed.

5-11 year olds
El Salvador Geography Pack

Free KS2 El Salvador Geography pack including photo cards, classroom activities and an illustrated map and a free KS1 Bangladesh geography pack.

5-11 year olds

Q-files is a subscription based online encyclopedia specially designed and written for children. It is also advert free and regularly updated.

7-13 year olds
Fieldwork in Schools

information and instructions for a range of geography fieldwork techniques that can be used by students in different locations and settings. The resources can be used by teachers either as a teaching aid or by students as a revision aid.

Teachers, Pupils
14-16 year olds
Constructive Waves

An explanation with a video of waves that are constructive to coastlines.

14-16 year olds
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