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Environment Agency

News, information, research and data about the environment of England and Wales. A mine of information about all aspects of environmental concern. Check the drop down menu to see what is on offer. A site of relevance to A Level geographers.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
16-18 year olds
Follow the Direction NSEW

Follow the directions to find the destination on the grid. This game can help you learn compass directions.

Teachers, Pupils
7-11 year olds
Learn about the Weather

Learn about weather phenomena including clouds, rain and snow, with these excellent videos and animations from the UK Met Office. They are YouTube videos so will not be accessible in all schools but they are ad free.

Teachers, Pupils
9-14 year olds
In My Footsteps

The My Footsteps project looks at local trails in Whitechapel, Limehouse and Poplar, representing personal perspectives on the historical, cultural and social changes that have occurred. Includes five lesson plans and free app.

Teachers, Pupils
11-13 year olds
Introduction to Exploring Scotland

This resource helps you to discover more about the natural resources of Scotland and the relationship between soil and the Scottish landscape.

Teachers, Pupils
14-18 year olds
Longshore Drift

A revision page about longshore drift which includes a diagram and also a video explanation of the process.

11-14 year olds
Dynamic Earth

This is an interactive Web site where students can learn about the structure of the earth, the movements of its tectonic plates, as well as the forces that create mountains, valleys, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

11-14 year olds
Geo Ace

Geo Ace has quizzes for identifying countries and states based on views of a globe.

7-16 year olds
Discovering the Arctic

Explore the Arctic region and how it is changing with the help of the people who live and work there.

11-16 year olds
Sustainable Development

Designed for geography teachers and Key Stage 3 students in Northern Ireland, this site from the BBC will not disappoint. There are super interactive activities to try.

11-14 year olds
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