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Earth Squad Go!

Earth Squad Go! is a science game where you can explore different habitats and complete challenges about the living world about plants, animals and the human body.

7-11 year olds
Dinosaur Discovery

Young children will love this game about dinosaurs. It is both informative presenting facts in a fun way. Children can learn how dinosaurs protected themselves and how some were carnivores or herbivores.

5-8 year olds
Planets of the Solar System

This animated video sheds light on the Sun, the eight planets in our solar system, and other cosmic debris such as comets and asteroids. This is a perfect introduction for your topic on space.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
6-11 year olds
Big Picture

Big Picture, from the Wellcome Trust, is aimed at post-16 biology teachers and students has a fantastic array of free online resources including activities, animations, videos, lesson plans, articles, images, and more.

16-18 year olds
GCSE Bitesize Revision - Science

Comprehensive coverage of GCSE science topics which have been arranged by exam board specifications. Interactive quizzes to test your knowledge, but don't wait for revision time before you try it out.

14-16 year olds

Excellent resources for GCSE and A Level science students. There over 200 pages of material, including interactive resources, teachers' notes, student worksheets and references to scientific applications.

Teachers, Pupils
11-18 year olds
S-Cool! Revision

A superb GCSE and AS/A2 Level revision site. It covers most subjects in an interesting format. There is also advice on choosing your subjects, a guide on what to expect at university and more, such as information on eating disorders.

14-18 year olds
Power Up

A fantastic site where you can find out about electricity and how to use it safely. Learn about things that run on electricity, circuits, where electricity comes from and much more. There are games to play.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
7-14 year olds
Food for Life

The Food for Life Partnership is a network of schools and communities across England committed to transforming food culture.

5-11 year olds
Human Biology Guide

A super site for A Level Biologists. Great notes here for every section in the syllabus AQA Biology/Biology(Human) Specification A. They can be downloaded too.

16-18 year olds
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