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How the Body Works

Click on a body part to watch movies, read articles, do quizzes and activities all about the human body.

Pupils, Parents
7-14 year olds

This teaching tool is useful for demonstrating 'Part-Part-Whole Model' for addition and subtraction particularly on an interactive whiteboard. Select which manipulatives you want to use and easily change your choice by pressing the 'change' button.

6-7 year olds
Inside the Human Body

A superb interactive simulation which explores each of the systems of the body demonstrating their structure and function.

7-11 year olds
School Workshops on Body Image

PSHE resources for helping 11-14 year olds deal with issues of body confidence and self-esteem from Dove.

11-14 year olds
The Parts of Speech

This site explains the eight parts of speech classified in traditional grammar: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.

14-16 year olds
Smudge's Early Science

Simple, tablet-friendly science games for young children on parts of animals and plants, parts of the body, classifying animals and plants and life cycles.

4-7 year olds
Build a Bot

Build a robot with Curious George. Find the body parts to enable your robot to perform various tasks and then design your own robot.

3-5 year olds
About You Puberty Education Programme

Access resources from Always and Tampax that have been designed to help teachers talk to 9-14 year olds about their changing bodies and emotions. Get a supporting class-pack including samples, demonstration kit and printed materials.

9-14 year olds

A simple paint website which includes adding graphics by stamping. There are different and background scenes themes such as minibeasts, clothes, transport, animals, people, underwater and body parts. Created pictures are printable.

5-7 year olds
Pairing for Early Science

A series of drag and drop science activities where children need to pair vocabulary cards with images. Audio is provided for all the words. Topics include: The Senses, Parts of the Body, Young Animals, Animal Sounds and Animals with Wings.

4-6 year olds
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