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Multiples and Factors

A multiple choice game with two game modes. In the first you need to identify the Lowest Common Multiple and in the second the Highest Common Factor. Questions increase in difficulty depending on accuracy

9-11 year olds
The Array

Create and solve easy multiplications such as 9 x 3. Examine relationships between rows, columns and areas in arrays. Useful to demonstrate multiplications on an IWB.

Teachers, Pupils
6-8 year olds
Array Display

A really useful teaching tool for modelling multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division.

6-7 year olds
Partial Product Finder

Partial Product Finder allows multiplication combinations to be represented as a rectangle, or array. Arrays up to 50 x 50 can be shown. The resource can be used to represent straightforward multiplication, as in times tables.

6-11 year olds
Fishy Times Tables

A clever interactive which demonstrates times tables up to 10 x 10. It is useful for showing the commutative law of multiplication which means you can multiply numbers in any order and the answer is the same.

Teachers, Pupils
6-10 year olds
Coconut Multiples

Coconut Multiples can reinforce children's knowledge of times tables by helping them to recognise the multiples from each table. Select either multiples from times tables up to 10 or 12.

6-11 year olds
Carroll Diagrams - Multiples

Sort multiples of selected numbers on the Carroll Diagram. This game will test your times tables knowledge.

7-11 year olds
Ten Frames

A very versatile teaching tool which has 5, 10, 20 and 100 frames or grids as the facility to make your own custom frame. It could be used for addition especially number bonds, subtraction as well as creating multiplication arrays.

Teachers, Pupils
5-9 year olds
Super Maths Bowling Multiplication

Can you achieve a strike? The quicker and more accurate you are in answering your times tables, the easier it will be to aim your bowling ball at the pins.

5-11 year olds
Multiplication as Repeated Addition

This short video introduces multiplication and explains how to do multiplication as repeated addition by counting out Pirate Barry’s treasure.

Teachers, Pupils, Parents
6-7 year olds
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