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Fair Shares

A simple game which introduces the idea of sharing small amounts equally. You need to share the treats between the dogs so they have equal shares.

5-6 year olds

Hit the Button

Quick fire questions on number bonds, doubling, halving, times tables, division facts and square numbers against the clock. Brilliant for improving mental maths and calculation skills, but particularly times tables either up to 10 or up to 12 times.

6-11 year olds
Teachers, Pupils


SafeShare is a safe way to watch and share YouTube videos without distracting ads or comments. Simply paste your YouTube link and generate a safe URL which you can bookmark to use again if you wish.

3-18 year olds
Teachers, Parents

Snork's Long Division

Do you know how to do long division? Here you are shown how to do it step-by-step. The music and sounds are annoying however but it is possible to turn them off.

9-11 year olds


A teaching resource which demonstrates division of objects by grouping them. There are two options, one with and the other without remainders.

5-7 year olds

Bookbug Song and Rhyme library

Find new songs and rhymes to share with little ones - including Gaelic.

0-5 year olds
Teachers, Parents

Mathematics Pret Homeworks

A website where maths teachers share their homeworks on this website. The documents can be edited to suit your needs.

9-18 year olds


Bookstart is a UK programme which encourages parents and carers to enjoy books with children. Find out about free packs of books and download colourful songsheets which have songs and rhymes to share with your child.

3-5 year olds

Web Whiteboard

A Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly online whiteboard app that enables you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to draw sketches, collaborate and share with others. Easy to use and no installation needed.

3-11 year olds


Pobble is an online platform for educationalists to share children’s writing giving them a chance to write for a purpose and for a global audience. It's free to register but requires a subscription for portfolio uploads.

3-16 year olds
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